So... how much does it cost?



Golf and VR capable bays (Bays 1-5)

Weekdays (Tuesday - Fri 12 - 5 pm): $35/hr

Weeknights (Tuesday - Fri 5 pm - close): $45/hr

Weekends: $55/hr

Bay 6 our premium 20' golf bay

Weekdays (Tuesday- Fri): $55/hr

Weekends (Sat/Sun): $65/hr

VR Only Bays (Bays 8 - 12)

Weekdays (Tuesday- Fri): $35/hr

Weekends (Sat/Sun): $45/hr

Our summer rates (May - Oct) are just $25/hr on weekdays and $35/hr on weekends.  This covers the cost of one station with one Virtual Reality Headset or Golf simulator.  

Bays are designed to accommodate 1-6 players taking turns. Each bay has ample seating and tables, and all games are projected so you can enjoy the experience as well.

Multiplayer VR games require multiple bay rentals. We can only accommodate one player in a bay at a time. 

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