You can now book online BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE.  If you find this too confusing though, you can email us anytime at or call us at 603-898-4000 and we'd be happy to place the reservation for you.

We have a total of 11 stations available,  Stations 1-5 have both Indoor Golf and Virtual reality and have seating for 4; stations 8-11 are VR Treadmills (they do not have indoor golf) and have seating for 3.  Station 6 is a premium golf and VR station with seating for 8 and the ability to play VR and golf at the same time.   Station 12 is a VR only station with seating for 4. 

EACH STATION HAS A SINGLE VR HEADSET however we encourage guests to share stations and play one of our many cooperative or competitive games and we do NOT require each guest to book their own station.  While one player in a station may be wearing the headset, other players can participate in the experience by watching the game on a 12 FOOT WIDE screen.  We have a variety of games that engage all guests both in and out of Virtual Reality such as VR escape rooms, bomb diffusing games and more. 

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