You can book online BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE. Or if you have any additional question feel free to email us at or call to make a booking 603-898-4000

We have a total of 11 stations available. Stations 1-5 have both Indoor Golf and Virtual reality and have seating for 4; stations 8 and 9 are VR Treadmills (they do not have indoor golf) and have seating for 3. Station 6 is a premium Golf only bay with seating for 8, providing a more private area and a larger 20ft screen for golf. Stations 10-12 are VR only stations with seating for 4. 

EACH STATION HAS A SINGLE VR HEADSET, we do NOT require each guest to book their own station, however multiplayer games require multiple bays to be booked. While one player in a station may be wearing the headset, other players can participate in the experience by watching the game on a 12 FOOT WIDE screen.  We have a variety of games that engage all guests both in and out of Virtual Reality such as VR escape rooms. 

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